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He said, "Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. " God was saying, "I am God, consider My glory, My ability, My power. " Do you get His point? I am reminded of the words of Solomon at the close of his full and prosperous life. I know that whatever God does, It shall be forever. Nothing can be added to it, And nothing taken from it. God does it, that men should fear before Him (Eccl. 3:14). There's a big difference between the works that we do and the works that God does. When God does it, nothing can be added, and nothing can be subtracted.

4:6-7, italics added). Cain had to choose. The devil was at the door. Would Cain rebel against God's command and invite Satan in? Or would he choose to rule over sin and deny Satan access? How could Cain rule over sin? The same way Jesus did: by living in obedience to God the Father. Recall Jesus' words, "The ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in me" (John 14:30). Sin and the devil had nothing in Jesus because of His perfect obedience to the Father. Sin could crouch at the door all it wanted.

They can bind and loose till they are blue in the face, but the sad fact remains that their lack of submission overrides the words they vainly speak. Cain's downfall progressed this way: First, he harbored an offense against his brother. Hatred entered his heart, then deception, which paved the way for murder. When sin entered Cain's life, it caused him to do what he never could have imagined doing. If, as a young man, he had been told, "One day you will murder your brother," he probably would have responded, "You're crazy.

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Monterey Containment Symposium Proceedings [Aug 26-28 1981]

by Steven

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