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Many rituals and gala's occur in public, that means that such expressions of religion are societal in addition to person varieties of human behaviour. The similarity within the normal styles of rituals and gala's throughout cultures and religions is awesome. for instance, so much cultures and religions mark significant life-course transitions resembling start, marriage, and loss of life with public ritual expressions, and various fairs are tied to food-producing actions akin to planting and harvesting.

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In purgatory the deceased person suffered punishment similar to the torments of hell as a means of purifying his or her soul in preparation for heaven. Unlike hell, however, the suffering in purgatory was finite (would come to an end). The length of time one spent there varied depending on the seriousness of one’s sins. But the prayers of the living could shorten the time a dead person spent suffering in purgatory. For example, when someone died, a priest led a Mass to pray for the release of the person’s soul from purgatory.

Over the years the church had developed many rituals through which its faithful could seek God’s favor. Rituals are established ceremonies performed in precise ways according to the rules of the church. For example, someone hoping for a good harvest might purchase candles to burn for a particular saint. ) Someone repenting a small sin might repeat certain prayers over and over. Those who had the means might collect holy relics, such as the bones or belongings of a saint. During the Middle Ages the Virgin Mary became the object of many people’s prayers for protection and comfort; many prayed directly to her image.

Many nobles resented his wealth and power, viewing it as an example of the corruption of the Catholic Church. When Martin Luther’s teachings began to reach English shores in the 1520s, Henry labeled them heresy (religious opinion that conflicts with the church’s doctrines, or principles). In 1521, with the help of one of his favored councilors, the renowned writer and statesman Thomas More (1478–1535), Henry wrote and published Defense of the Seven Sacraments, an argument against Luther’s ideas.

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