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2. a system in a computer where low-priority work can be done in the interbackground reflectance vals when very important work is not be/ b k raυnd r flektəns/ noun light reing done flected from a sheet of paper that is being scanned or read by an optical character background colour / b k raυnd reader k lə/ noun the colour of a computer background task / b k raυnd tɑ sk/ screen display, different from that of charnoun a process executed at any time by the acters and graphics ć White background colour with black characters is less stresscomputer system, not normally noticed by ful for the eyes.

BGP / bi d i pi / noun a protocol that BGP allows routers to share routing information to allow each router to calculate the most efficient path for information. ) biased exponent / baəst k spəυnənt/ noun the value of the expobiased exponent nent in a floating point number bid /bd/ verb (of a computer ) to gain control of a network in order to transmit data ć The terminal had to bid three times before there was a gap in transmissions on the network. bi-directional bus / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l b s/ noun data or control lines that can carry signals travelling in two directions bi-directional printer / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l printə/ noun a printer that is able to print characters from left to right and from right to left as the head is moving forwards or backwards across the paper, speeding up the printing operation bi-directional transmission / ba da rekʃ(ə)n(ə)l tr nz mʃ(ə)n/ noun bid bi-directional bus bi-directional printer bi-directional transmission binary dump data transfer that can occur to and from a device along a particular channel Big Blue /b blu / noun same as IBM (informal ) bilinear filtering /ba lniə fltərŋ/ noun a method of removing unwanted image defects, particularly on a texturemapped object, by looking at the four adjacent pixels that surround each pixel to check that there is no sudden change in colour billion / bljən/ noun a number equal to one thousand million.

Full form Bankers Automated Clearing Services backup procedure / b k p prə si d ə/ noun a method of making backup bad break / b d brek/ noun a hyphen copies of files inserted in the wrong place within a word, a problem sometimes caused by the autobackup server / b k p s və/ noun a matic hyphenation feature of wordsecond computer on a network that conprocessing software tains duplicate files and up-to-date data in case of a problem with the main server badge reader /b d ri də/ noun a machine that reads data from an identification backup utility / b k p ju tlti/ noun badge ć A badge reader makes sure that a piece of software that simplifies the only authorised personnel can gain access process of backing up data (NOTE: Backup to a computer room.

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