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The assumption or choosing of a category of identity. *Beingness** is assumed by oneself or given to oneself, or is attained. Examples of *beingness** would be one's own name, one's profession, one's physical characteristics, one's role in a game - each and all of these things could be called one's *beingness**. (~NSOL~~, p. 50) *2**. the person one should be in order to survive. (SH Spec 19, 6106C23) *3**. essentially, an identification of self with an object. (~COHA~~, p. 76) 41 *BEINGNESS OF MAN** ---------[fig.

Scn AD~~) *2**. someone who has studied *books** on Scn and listens to other people to make them better. (~Abil 115~~) *BOOK ONE CLEAR**, Mest Clear. (~Abil 87~~) See also MEST CLEAR. *BOOK ONE OF DIANETICS**,~ Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health~~. (HCO PL 25 Jan 57) *BOOK ONE OF SCIENTOLOGY**, ~Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought~~. (HCO PL 25 Jan 57) 52 *BP** ---------*BOREDOM, 1. boredom** is not just not doing anything. *Boredom** is an eddying back and forth which on its lower harmonic becomes pain and on a lower harmonic becomes agony.

5311CM17A) *5**. clarity of observation. (~COHA~~, p. 190) 63 *CERTAINTY PROCESSING** ---------*CERTAINTY PROCESSING**, the *processing** of *certainties**. The anatomy of maybe consists of uncertainties and is resolved by the *processing** of *certainties**. (~Scn 8-8008~~, p. 126) *CERTIFICATE**, an award given by the Hubbard Communications Office to designate study and practice performed and skill attained. It is not a degree as it signalizes competence whereas degrees ordinarily symbolize merely time spent in theoretical study and impart no index of skill.

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