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It is rarely economic to use a single film as a barrier, although some offer suitable performance in particular situations. Page 29 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2006 Developments in Metallised Films for Packaging Trends and developments Barrier materials  Homogeneous  Coextruded  Coated The barrier properties of barrier materials can be used in three main ways: layers as single materials, mixtures or blends or laminated multilayer structures barrier on the surface of a substrate. The first approach is illustrated by polyethylene naphthalate (PEN).

Metallised films provide the desired barrier to protect the product from moisture, oxygen and other gases and to prevent any constituents from escaping. Metallised film is more useful when the product is sensitive to light, primarily ultraviolet (UV) light. Laminations are used to make pouches in form-fillseal machines; the pouches are widely used to package pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, ointments, creams and also as overwrapping for medical devices. Industry outlook As end-use markets mature, innovation in packaging designs and formats becomes more important than ever.

This should be investigated, because metallised films currently have a narrow range of applications. If metallised films could develop some major new end uses, it would definitely boost the growth rate. Growth of metallised PET film could be generated in three ways:  Continue the existing applications, and further penetrate in competition with existing materials and solutions, essentially aluminium foil.  Substitute some existing applications of aluminium foil. Competing with metallised OPP might be more difficult, yet not impossible, in several markets, as metallised PET film is generally considered to have higher performance than metallised OPP, and it is not very much more expensive.

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