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After that, the end walls are closed and the drain made. A spillway is not constructed, because surplus water is allowed to overflow from the drain at some distance from the dam when it is full. It is necessary only to see that the overflow does not occur at the same place more than once during the first year or two, so that no water wash is started. Once the drain is grassed, blocks can be made at any suitable place in the drain to overflow the water there. Water transporting drains can become less effective, or sometimes completely ineffective, by becoming overgrown with vegetation.

The newly sown pasture will probably be the lowest yielding, but will be improving rapidly with the soil fertility. The farmer will select his best soil and pasture for his crops and so allow time for his newer and poorer pasture to improve with the soil before they in turn come up for cropping. Some pastures may need Keyline cultivation for fertility by absorption each year for two years, and need the treatment again in three years, then five or more years later. As both the soil and pasture improve, better grasses may be introduced with any Keyline cultivation.

First, trees are left in strips or belts wide enough to keep some semblance of forest conditions in the timber for its normal healthy growth. Steep country is not left in full timber, but partially cleared and timber strips are left to serve as wind protection for the property. The Keyline is again the planning guide for clearing. The first timber strip, 10 to 20m wide is left just below the Keyline and forms a Keyline Timber Strip. In most areas the lower side of that timber strip is suitable for a farm road, being drier generally than the land above the timber strip.

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