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Thus, the well-regulated "piggyback" supply continuously compensates for any ripple, load regulation, or line regulation deficiencies of the main power source by adjusting the voltage across its series regulator to maintain the total output voltage at a constant level. 43 Figure 24. "Piggy-back" Power Supply As an illustrative example, assume that the low voltage rectifier supplying the series transistor of the "piggyback" supply develops approximately 40 volts, and that the main voltage source is capable of providing a maximum of 300 volts.

By gradually changing the load resistance from a short circuit to an open circuit the operating locus of Figure 18 will be traversed in the opposite direction. 35 Figure 18. Operating Locus of a CV/CC Power Supply Full protection against any overload condition is inherent in the Constant Voltage/Constant Current design principle because all load conditions cause an output that lies somewhere on the operating locus of Figure 18. For either constant voltage or constant current operation, the proper choice of ES and Is insures optimum protection for the load device as well as full protection for the power supply.

34 Figure 17. Constant Voltage/Constant Current CV/CC Power Supply Figure 18 illustrates the output characteristic of an ideal CV/CC power supply. With no load attached (RL= ∞), IOUT= 0, and EOUT= ES, the front panel voltage control setting. When a load resistance is applied to the output terminals of the power supply, the output current increases, while the output voltage remains constant; point D thus represents a typical constant voltage operating point. Further decreases in load resistance are accompanied by further increases in IOUT with no change in the output voltage until the output reaches Is, a value equal to the front panel current control setting.

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