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By Goos P., Donev A.N.

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The Study of Poetry" (1880) begins with the passage I have already quoted in the Introduction in which Arnold charts a religious destiny for poetry. It is difficult to define the precise character of Arnold's religious convictions. " It is this transcendental space that culture comes to occupy, to the enormous advantage of Arnold as a literary and social critic. Thus in Culture and Anarchy, the cultural critic writing from the elevation and conviction of perfection, can reveal the partiality, the distortions, and the limitations of class behavior.

11 Yet the very meaning of division, fragmentation, failure in the novel, in Lukacs's account, depends upon the desire to overcome them. The great novels of the nineteenth century may fail to achieve epic totality, but their greatness consists in their refusal to accept defeat. " Their strong narratives encompass an enormous wealth of social and personal detail. One has the impression of the development of character and world to the greatest possible fullness. Yet there are significant differences between the prodigal sons of the nineteenth-century novels and the Prodigal Son of scripture.

Arnold in our time has been an emblem of what might be called a concern with the social question of the humanities. The territory of concern goes beyond our educational institutions, including, as it must, our political and moral lives. In disabling the humanist perspective, contemporary skeptics see themselves not as willful destroyers but as rigorous truthseekers. ) In their view, it is futile to regret what is no longer possible. Of course, no amount of deconstructive skepticism can dissolve the need to remedy illiteracy, or to criticize political and moral falsehood, or to discriminate between a successful and failed work of art, though to the extent that deconstruction is persuasive, it may dissolve the will to satisfy the need.

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D-optimal minimum support mixture designs in blocks by Goos P., Donev A.N.

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