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By Tarthang Tulku, Longchenpa, Herbert Gunther

Paperback non-fiction, Tibetan Buddhism

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I have bent to my service Gods and Rak~asas of the eight classes. "I am Padmasambhava the King. Mine are the counselings of the Dharma possessing authority in the Three Realms. I embrace and shake profound Karma, profound cycle of causality. I accomplish every action, subjugating the mind itself. "I am Padmasambhava the Minister. Mine are the counselings for entering into the Dharma, whatever one's past deeds. I watch over the ultimate outcome of desires. I contemplate the Three Jewels without averting my gaze.

And you, King of barbarian Tibet, King of a country without virtue, uncouth men and ogres surround you. You rely upon famine's serfs, neither joy nor good humor is yours. As for your queens, l_ta~asi in human shape, beautiful purple ghouls surround them, sandalwood, turquoise, and gold adorn them, but by love and charm they are abandoned. Since you are King, your lungs swell. Great is your power, your liver is well-satisfied. Sceptre in hand, you stand high and haughty. But I, Sire, will not greet you!

I make happy the subsequent life of man. "I am Padmasambhava the Lord. Mine are the counselings of the Doctrine that scrutinizes and pronounces upon error. With the Bodhisattva's compassion as a blade, I have slaughtered inimical heresy and doubt. "I am Padmasambhava the Hero. Mine are the counselings of the Doctrine that treads underfoot the hostile cycle. Having assigned the heritage of the three gifts, firmly within the Doctrine I establish blessed sons. ibtration of Padmasambhava 27 "I am Padmasambhava the Aged Man.

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