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By Oliviero Angeli

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Rights over territory are to so much cosmopolitans these days what deepest estate used to be to nineteenth-century socialists: a legally sanctioned institutionalization of robbery. within the cosmopolitan mind's eye, territories are akin to an extended background of illegal acts and their limitations do not anything yet draw arbitrary differences among populations. This learn strikes past this photograph of territory as a trifling item of domination and exploitation to provide a brand new standpoint at the conventional cosmopolitan knowing of territory. It explores the method through which humans represent themselves as territorially outlined political groups and argues that definitely the right of collective self-determination includes a legally and politically inclusive suggestion of territories as non-ascriptive markers of belonging. via reading the results of this argument, the textual content addresses debatable problems with modern political philosophy: citizenship, immigration, traditional assets and, extra ordinarily, international distributive justice.

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If someone enters the territory within which her piece of land is located, her property rights are not necessarily violated, at any rate not in the same way as if someone enters her piece of land. Thus, there must be a sense in which entering a territory affects the rights of the people residing within that territory. One possibility would be to argue that entering a territory involve not only being a subject of that territory’s jurisdiction (as Grotius himself assumes) but also becoming part of the people determined by that territory.

As Buckle notes, ‘Locke has made the necessary space for an account of society and social institutions in which historical development is an integral part’ (1991: 147). ). Rose is right, however, when she stresses that Locke’s narrative justification of property has little to do with real history. Locke’s justification of property rights is based on a narrative account of how property could have come into existence – not of how property actually came into existence. What is peculiar of Locke’s narrative account of property is that it runs parallel to the natural history of property rights.

Let us recapitulate. Locke’s Second Treatise displays two distinct stories. 1 above). It is precisely one of these contradictions that fatally undermines Locke’s justification of the state’s claim to a particular territory. 30 What he underestimated, however, is the degree to which the normative force of his genealogical account depends on historical pertinence. For 40 Cosmopolitanism, Self-Determination and Territory Locke’s story to hold normative appeal, it needs not be historical in the Grotian sense, but it does need to take past events seriously in the sense that the events imagined are not in stark contrast with what happened in reality.

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