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Brian O'Shaughnessy places ahead a daring and unique conception of awareness, some of the most interesting yet complicated elements of human lifestyles. He analyzes cognizance into simply mental ingredients, in accordance pre-eminence to epistemological homes. the result's an built-in photograph of the awake brain in its typical actual environment.

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Indefinability in no way prevents us from acquiring this concept, nor from investigating its nature. Then that the concept is bona fide, and that we fully understand it, is evident from the fact that we unhesitatingly allocate all mental phenomena into either the class of experiences or its complementary. ) are not. We have no difficulty in effecting the divide. And we know exactly what we are doing as we sort things in this way. (2) How do we know these phenomena are experiences? We just do, we have no reason for our judgements.

This property enables it to discharge its epistemological function. (3) According to me the very first member of the above list of mediators is the sense-datum. I am of the opinion that these contentious entities exist, are perceived, and are ‘just’ or immediately perceived. I cannot at this point enter into the reasons supporting this doctrine, and refer the reader to the text. However, a preliminary observation is worth making. It seems to me that whereas it is easy enough to take aboard the possibility that the outer reality to which one intentionally relates 2 See The Will, Brian O'Shaughnessy, ii: 212–14 and 286, (ix), CUP, 1980 .

For we recognize objects when we not merely see them, but (and 26 INTRODUCTION with justification) see them as the complex entities they are. While perception is of things rather than facts about things, it is not of ‘bare particulars’. It involves conceptualization of the contents of (say) the visual field. Now this phenomenon depends in turn upon one's knowledge of certain propositions, and this fact might lead one to substitute a proposition in place of the interpretational content of the perceptual experience.

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