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Identification and spatial distribution of retinoids in the developing chick limb bud. , Bee, J. and von der Mark, K. (1986). Transient expression of collagen type II at epitheliomesenchymal interfaces during morphogenesis of the cartilaginous neurocranium. Dev. , 116, 497-509 Timpl, R. and Dziadek, M. (1986). Structure, development and molecular pathology of basement membranes. Int. Rev. , 29, 1-112 Toole, B. P. (1981). In Hay, E. D. ), Cell Biology of Extracellular Matrix. Plenum Press, New York, pp.

These observations have in turn given considerable insight into the Extracellular Matrix and Development 35 morphogenetic mechanisms that lead to a functional cornea. In this last section, I want to examine briefly what we know about the processes that lead to the deposition of the primary stroma with its orthogonally organized collagen fibrils. Normal Development of the Chick Cornea In order to appreciate corneal morphology, one must first realize that, to fulfil its functions, it must be both transparent and curved.

B. , McBride, W. H. and Ross, A. R. (1983). Morphology of hyaluronidasesensitive cell coats as seen in the SEM after freeze-drying. J. , 62, 371-383. Bard J. B. L. and Ross, A. S. A. (1982). The morphogenesis of the ciliary body of the avian eye. II: Differential enlargement causes an epithelium to buckle. Dev. , 92, 87-96 Bee, J. A. (1982). The development and patterns of innervation of the avian cornea. Dev. , 92,5-15 Beloussov, L. V. (1980). The role of tensile fields and contact cell polarization in the morphogenesis of amphibian axial rudiments.

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