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When the separation between all the poles and zeros is great, a decade or more in frequency, it is easy to draw the Bode plot. As the poles and zeros get closer together, the plot gets harder to make. [3] The Bode plot enables the designer to get a good idea of pole zero placement, and it is valuable for fast evaluation of possible compensation techniques. When the situation gets critical, accurate calculations must be made and plotted to get an accurate result. 60 Bode Analysis of Feedback Circuits Consider Equation 5–11.

M + 10 + RF ) RG RG (4–42) R F + 9R G (4–43) Let RG = 20 kΩ, and then RF = 180 kΩ. 98 kΩ. 98 kΩ is not a standard 5% resistor value, R1 is selected as 75 kΩ. The difference between the selected and calculated value of R1 has about a 3% effect on b, and this error shows up in the transfer function as an intercept rather than a slope error. 82 kΩ and this is much less than RG, which is 20 kΩ, thus the earlier assumption that RG >> R1||R2 is justified. R2 could have been selected as a smaller value, but the smaller values yielded poor standard 5% values for R1.

Bode developed the Bode plot, which simplifies the analysis through the use of graphical techniques. Feedback and Stability Theory 57 Bode Analysis of Feedback Circuits The Bode equations are log equations that take the form 20LOG(F(t)) = 20LOG(|F(t)|) + phase angle. Terms that are normally multiplied and divided can now be added and subtracted because they are log equations. The addition and subtraction is done graphically, thus easing the calculations and giving the designer a pictorial representation of circuit performance.

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