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By Klaus Bauer, Gilbrecht Haller (auth.)

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Chemical fixation of molecular N2 (2413, 2414). N2 fixation of systems cP2TiC12-RMgX, R = Et, Pr, i-Bu; X = Br (2415). N2 insertion into the metal-carbon bond in the presence of PhLi (2417) • Lability of the Ti-Cl bond by exchange rxn. between cp2TiC12 and 36Cl-labeled LiCl in solvents of different DK at 0-25° (2086). Thermochemical data (2289). 20 and in HCONMe2 (2386). Determination of the ratio H/cP2TiC12 either for hydrogenation or polymn. of styrene (2155). Investigation of the catalytic activity for C2H4 polymn.

From cP2TiC12 with Br2 (266). : Effects of substituents on NMR spectrum (1722). : Effects of substituents on NMR spectrum (1722). : From MeCsH4Ti(OEt)2 with AcCl (1734). : m. 98-99° (674, 1734), IR spectrum (1734), effects of substituents on NMR spectrum (1722). Rxn. with: MeCsH4Ti(OEt)s ~ MeCsH4Ti(OEt)2C1 or MeCsH4Ti(OEt)C12 (1734). t. (1734). : Orange crystals which liquify in air, sub1l 136° (1734), b l 136°, IR (674) and NMR (1690) spectra. : By heating a suspension of MesCsLi in CaRs with TiC14, 15% yield (1256).

Rxn. with: MeTi(O-i-Pr)s ~ MeTi(O-i-Pr)2Cl and MeTi(O-i-Pr)C12 (443). ~: Polymn. catalyst (ethylene, propylene) (~~). : By rxn. of TiC~ with MeMgI, followed by C10HeN2 (2294). : Red-violet (2294). : Calcn. of the electronic energy levels (156). EtTiCls Dichlorodiethyltitanium (M-8) Rxn. with: EtOH ~ Et2Ti(OEt)Cl (1171). Use: In combination with Me2AlCl a polymn. catalyst, detn. of the rates of polymn. of C2H4 and C2D4 (948). Effect on the polymn. activity in combination with ReAl or R2AlCl (1171).

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