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For kids elderly 6 and over, this best-selling illustrated dictionary comprises complete sentence definitions and child-friendly instance sentences in addition to vibrant illustrations and pictures, color headwords and an A-Z on each web page.

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Age ages NOUN 1 Your age is how old you are. NOUN 2 An age is a special period in history, like the Stone Age. ago ADVERB If something happened four days ago, it is four days since it happened. agree agrees, agreeing, agreed VERB 1 If you agree with someone, you think the same about something. VERB 2 If you agree to do something, you say you will do it. agreement NOUN ahead ADVERB Something or someone who is ahead of you is in front of you. My brother ran ahead of us. aim aims, aiming, aimed VERB 1 If you aim at something, you point a weapon at it.

Beam beams, beaming, beamed NOUN 1 A beam is a long thick bar of wood, metal or concrete, used to support part of a building. NOUN 2 A beam is also a line of light from an object such as a torch or the sun. VERB 3 If you beam, you give a big smile. bean beans NOUN A bean is a vegetable. Its outer covering is called a pod, and inside it has large seeds, also called beans. See Vegetables on page 260 bear bears, bearing, bore NOUN 1 A bear is a large, strong animal with thick fur and sharp claws. VERB 2 If you bear something, you put up with it.

Bacteria PLURAL NOUN Bacteria are very tiny living things which break down waste. They can cause diseases. bad worse, worst ADJECTIVE 1 You say somebody is bad if they are naughty or wicked. ADJECTIVE 2 If something is bad, it can hurt or upset you in some way. badge badges NOUN A badge is a sign people wear to show they belong to a school or club. badger badgers NOUN A badger is a strongly built animal with short legs and neck. It has long grey fur and a striped head. badly ADVERB If something is done badly, it is done in a way that is not successful or effective.

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