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During this leap forward textual content, authors Holtfrerich and Haughn communicate as academics, providing passionate but sufferer emphasis on innovations, yet no longer on the fee of educating algebraic abilities. The authors construct on and fix themes by means of discussing the suggestions with scholars in a distinct but logical method. chatting with scholars as though they have been having a dialogue with them within the lecture room, the authors use universal, daily purposes that make experience to the typical pupil to illustrate recommendations. The authors' method approximately the place and while themes might be lined is exclusive, as is the capstone bankruptcy on Modeling/Data research.

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These are convenient forms xϪ4 of multiplying by 1 that change the way fractions appear but don’t change their values. Now, we simplify the numerators and add. This doesn’t factor further. 4 Rational Expressions c. We have to factor each denominator first in order to determine the LCD. a 2x 3x b Ϫ a 2 b x ϩ 3x Ϫ 10 x ϩxϪ6 Find the LCD 3 1x ϩ 521x Ϫ 221x ϩ 32 4 and multiply each fraction by the missing factor in its denominator. Next, subtract the numerators. ϭa 2x 3x b Ϫ a b 1x ϩ 521x Ϫ 22 1x Ϫ 221x ϩ 32 1x ϩ 32 3x bؒ 1x ϩ 521x Ϫ 22 1x ϩ 32 Ϫ a ϭa 1x Ϫ 321x ϩ 221x ϩ 32 ϭ 1x ϩ 321x ϩ 321x ϩ 221x Ϫ 22 ϭ xϪ3 1x ϩ 321x Ϫ 22 1x ϩ 52 2x b ؒ 1x Ϫ 221x ϩ 32 1x ϩ 52 3x 2 ϩ 9x b 1x ϩ 521x Ϫ 221x ϩ 32 Ϫ a The numerator factors, but not into any factors that would cancel with the denominator, so we are done.

2x 2 ϩ x Ϫ 6 ϭ d. 6x 2 Ϫ 5x Ϫ 21 ϭ Terms? Method? Describe the steps you used. Method? Describe the steps you used. Describe the steps you used. 2. Write the factored form. a. x 2 ϩ 10x ϩ 25 ϭ b. x 2 Ϫ 14x ϩ 49 ϭ c. x 2 Ϫ 24x ϩ 144 ϭ d. 4x 2 ϩ 12x ϩ 9 ϭ 4. Write the factored form. a. x 2 Ϫ 25 ϭ b. 4x 2 Ϫ 9 ϭ c. x 3 ϩ 8 ϭ d. 8x 3 Ϫ 27 ϭ Terms? Method? Describe the steps you used. 4 Rational Expressions Objectives: • • • Simplify a rational expression Perform algebraic operations with rational expressions Work with complex fractions We have completed our review of some of the basic topics involving polynomials.

Our goal in solving an equation is to find out what values of the variable will make the equation true. In order to determine what those values might be, we need to isolate the variable (that is, get the variable all alone, by itself, on one side of the equals sign). So, here is the first big picture concept. Concept 1: Get the variable alone. This first concept is true no matter what type of equation it is that you are trying to solve. Concept 2: Whatever is done to one side of the equation must also be done to the other side.

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