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By Ed. E.M. Bruins

Encompasses a facsimile of the manuscript and Greek textual content + translation and observation of this article on Geometry

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The Earth’s magnetic field intensity is approximately 50 μT. 9) S where n is the unit vector normal to the incremental surface area dS at a given position, d S = ndS is the incremental surface vector normal to the local surface dS at a given position, and d φ = B · d S = S · ndS . The magnetic flux is a scalar. The unit of the magnetic flux is Weber. If the magnetic flux density B is uniform and forms an angle θB with the vector perpendicular to the surface S , the amount of the magnetic flux passing through the surface S is φ = B · S = BS cos θB (Wb).

The reluctance is directly proportional to the length of the magnetic path lc and is inversely proportional to the cross-sectional area Ac through which the magnetic flux φ flows. The permeance of a basic magnetic circuit element is P= μAc μ μ A 1 = = 0 r c R lc lc (Wb/A · turns) or (H/turns) . 26) When the number of turns N = 1, L = P. The reluctance is the magnetic resistance because it opposes the establishment and the flow of a magnetic flux φ in a medium. A poor conductor of the magnetic flux has a high reluctance and a low permeance.

The magnetic flux density is a vector field and it can be represented by magnetic lines. The density of the magnetic lines indicates the magnetic flux density B , and the direction of the magnetic lines indicates the direction of the magnetic flux density at a given point. Every magnet has two poles: south and north. Magnetic monopoles do not exist. Magnetic lines always flow from south to north pole inside the magnet, and from north to south pole outside the magnet. , relative to that of free space), and lc is the length of the core.

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Codex constantinopolitanus Palatii veteris no. 1 by Ed. E.M. Bruins

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