New PDF release: Citta, mano, viññāṇa - a psychosemantic Investigation

By Johansson, Rune

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18) I 93 f. -(19) SIll 68, M 1293. - M III 242. - (3) l\i I 292, D III 243. (20) I 93 f. - (25) 1\1 III 226. - (17) D III (21) M I 292. (26) S II 82 A PSYCHOSEMANTIC INVESTIGATION Relatiol1S 1. a, salikhara, vififial)a, and the paticcasanlllppada-series. The fonner is the factors constituting personality or the aspects under which it lllay be seen. l factors, arranged in a sequence of dependence. icca. e-scquencc is certainly illlplied in smne cases but in principle all thc links may well be sinlultaneous.

We have notcd that viiifiiirta in principle is consciousness and need not collect luorc evidence for this. But in ordcr to explain the continuity, thc influcncc of kalllllla, and the possibility to rC111Cl11ber fortncr cxistcnces, wc assullled an unconscious coulponent in vififiiiVa. This is rarely l11cntioncd. It can, however, be seen froln D III 134, that viHi1iiva is used in conncction with recollection of fonner cxistences: "Atitanl ... a11l hoti", "concerning thc past, thc'Tathagata has vifii1iitta rClllinisccnt of cxistcnccs" .

Th~t which is feeling and that which is perception and that which is 1J ifiiiii1;la these states are related, not unrelated, and it is not possible to lay down a difference between these states, having analyzed thein again and again". According to D III 228 (to he discussed later), on the other hand, vifiFia~1a depends on saiiFia. In M I 296, a dead l11an is compared with a man who has attained sannavedayitanirodha: (a) The living body has: ayu, vitality llslna, heat vit'iiial)a. khara niruddha, 111cntal activity has ceased ayu parikkhll)o, the vitality is destroyed USUla vupasanta, the heat is calmed indriyani viparibhinnani, the sense-functions arc broken asunder.

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