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By Derek Strange

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Stimulating actions inside a graded syllabus.

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31 32 page thirty-two Unit S A rocket race to Mars Choose one of the rockets. Then play the game. i Which rocket do you want? ~ T he red one, please. (i;'J The blue one, please. C:. tlJtit fl page thirty-three Where do you live? ~----- -------~------------------- Read. vt ~ 2s Camline Listen and answer: Yes or No I live at . . He I She lives at . . l::e 33 34 page thirty-four 1~ 29 THE GHOST ... and the police. can't f'ind Michae\ Clacton, the famous singer. Unit9 I Captain~ Please help me and the.

5. Do you arrive at school late? 42 page forty-two Unit 11 We\1, he usually lea\les h\s aPQrtment after breakfast and goes h> \he Wal I Street Hotel Unit 11 page forty-three 43 Ken's breakfast, Lucy's breakfast ~~--~------------~----------~ Read. Ken usually eats bread and honey for breakfast ... but he sometimes eats yoghurt and fruit. Ken always plays football in the park after school ... ~ sa Now listen. He never reads books. Lucy usually eats frogs for breakfast . . .. but she sometimes eats snakes.

Answer the questions 1 2 0 . Wher~ does Lucy live? What IS the date of Lucy's letter? 3 0 What was the date on the d 0 40 Which teachers were at th ay of the school party? 50 Who had e school party? some new A mencan records ? 0 0 c;;;;;] 49 Now listen. 0 Who is it: Kate or Ken or Lucy? 51 *"~ w~ 58 page fifty-eight Take this little p'tnk pill, and then let's telephone the. police . Unit 15 page fifty-nine Unit 15 Look again, please L_____,__ __ (Revision) Present continuous I am reading.

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