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Each mathematician operating in Banaeh spaee geometry or Approximation thought is familiar with, from his personal experienee, that almost all "natural" geometrie homes may possibly faH to carry in a generalnormed spaee except the spaee is an internal produet spaee. To reeall the weIl recognized definitions, this implies IIx eleven = *, the place is an internal (or: scalar) product on E, Le. a functionality from ExE to the underlying (real or eomplex) box pleasurable: (i) O for x o. (ii) is linear in x. (iii) = (intherealease, thisisjust =

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Similarly V0 = W0 ©V0. 15 Introduction to Wavelet Theory The concept of nested spaces (Daubechies, 1992) can be applied to spaces generated by linear combinations of a function, say (j). We define Vi as the space generated by <|>(2x) and its integer translates. The space Vi corresponds to all possible combinations of (> and its integer translates: V^ {<|)(2x-n)}. Let us consider now a second space V0, generated by the 2x dilated function (|>(x) and its translates: V0: {(j)(x-n)}. The space V0 is nested in V] if V0 a Vi.

As an example, let us take as function <|)(2x-n), the characteristic function, then V0 is the space of piecewise constant function consisting of zero order 16 Wavelets in Soft Computing polynomials defined on [n,n+l) with n an integer. In the example of the characteristic function (fig. 9), the 2x dilated characteristic function generates a space Vo that is nested in Vf. V o c V j . Any function in V0 can be expressed as a linear combination of the generating functions in V]. 10 shows another example using a second order spline function.

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