Biopiracy. Imitations not Innovations by Suman Sahai, Prasmi Pavithran, Indrani Barpujari PDF

By Suman Sahai, Prasmi Pavithran, Indrani Barpujari

ISBN-10: 8190100998

ISBN-13: 9788190100991

Wisdom, in all its manifestations, is effective. Of specific value is the knowledge inherent within the wisdom platforms of rural and indigenous groups built due to lengthy and non-stop interplay with the complicated ecosystems which they inhabit. often called Indigenous wisdom or IK, this data is admittedly a hugely subtle expertise and has been the mainstay of survival of groups specially within the key sectors of nutrients and overall healthiness. With constructing international locations being the repository of an immense a part of the world's organic assets it isn't unbelievable that individuals and groups of those nations were innovating, opting for, holding and maintaining neighborhood species for a while. Biodiversity, and the indigenous wisdom linked to it, is a different energy of the neighborhood groups which are present in modern day constructing nations.

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It is found in the outer Himalayas, ascending up to 1600 m, from Kangra to Bengal and throughout the Central and South India. Part/s used: Fruits. Action and indigenous use of the plant: In action it is alternative, astringent, dentifrice, purgative, and tonic. Useful in apathae, ascites, asthma, bile, trouble, bleeding and ulceration of the gums, blood pressure, burns and scalds, carious teeth, cardiac tonic, cooling wash for the eye, cough, dysentery and diarrhoea, enlarged spleen of liver, fever, flatulence, heart diseases, piles and vaginal discharges, skin diseases, sores, stomach complaints, ulcers, vomiting and worms.

Among the patents granted by the Japanese patent office is one (JP9110661) on a grey hair dyeing composition. Derivation observed: Indigenous use ● Skin diseases ● Greyness of hair ● Health tonic Modern use Cosmetic formulations Grey hair dyeing composition Nutritional formulations 52 Biopiracy: Imitations Not Innovations 17. PIPER MYTHESTICUM Other names: Kava. Description of the plant and location: It is a hardy, slow-growing perennial shrub with heights of more than 3 mt. It is endemic to the South Pacific, with a long and extensive history of traditional use in the Pacific Ocean societies.

US Patent 6,242,491: Use of creatine or creatine compounds for skin preservation. US Patent 6,193,975: Use of potentilla erecta extract in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical field. US Patent 6,184,247: Method of increasing cell renewal rate. US Patent 5,993,787: Composition base for topical therapeutic and cosmetic preparations. US Patent 5,980,92: Topical compositions for regulating the oily/shiny appearance of skin. US Patent 5,972,341: Products extracted from a plant of the genus Commiphora, particularly the Commiphora mukul plant, extracts containing the same and applications thereof, for example in cosmetics US Patent 5,821,237: Compositions for visually improving skin.

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Biopiracy. Imitations not Innovations by Suman Sahai, Prasmi Pavithran, Indrani Barpujari

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