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By Cecie Starr, Ralph Taggart

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Through the use of an issues-oriented method quantity four - Plant constitution and serve as from Biology: The harmony and variety of existence, 12e grabs pupil curiosity with real-life matters that hit domestic. this article contains new assurance and pedagogy that encourages scholars to imagine significantly approximately hot-button matters and contains awesome new positive factors that take scholars past memorization and inspire them to invite questions in new methods as they discover ways to interpret info.

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Humus forms from dead organisms and organic litter: fallen leaves, feces, and so on. Water and air occupy spaces between the particles and organic bits. Soils differ in their proportions of mineral particles and how compacted they are. The particles, which differ in size, are primarily sand, silt, and clay. 05 to 2 millimeters in diameter. You can see individual grains by sifting beach sand through your fingers. 05 millimeters in diameter. Particles of clay are even smaller. Each clay particle consists of thin, stacked layers of negatively charged crystals.

1 Water uptake and movement through plants Certain specializations help roots of vascular plants take up water and nutrients. Xylem distributes absorbed water and solutes from roots to leaves. 3 Water loss versus gas exchange A cuticle and stomata help plants conserve water, a limited resource in most land habitats. Closed stomata stop water loss but also stop gas exchange. Some plant adaptations are trade-offs between water conservation and gas exchange. 4 Sugar distribution through plants Phloem distributes sucrose and other organic compounds from photosynthetic cells in leaves to living cells throughout the plant.

Take-Home Message What is secondary growth in plants? ᭿ Secondary growth thickens the stems and roots of older plants. ᭿ Wood is mainly accumulated secondary xylem. ᭿ Secondary growth occurs at two types of lateral meristem: vascular cambium and cork cambium. Secondary vascular tissues form at a cylinder of vascular cambium. A cylinder of cork cambium gives rise to periderm, which is part of a protective covering of bark. 7 Tree Rings and Old Secrets The number and relative thickness of a tree’s rings hold clues to environmental conditions during its lifetime.

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