Biology Dictionary by Elizabeth Martin, Robert Hine PDF

By Elizabeth Martin, Robert Hine

Absolutely revised and up-to-date for the 7th variation, this market-leading dictionary is the suitable consultant for an individual learning biology, both in class or college.

With greater than 5,500 transparent and concise entries, it presents finished insurance of biology, biophysics, and biochemistry. Over 250 new entries comprise phrases resembling Broca's area, comparative genomic hybridization, mirror neuron, and Pandoravirus.

Appendices comprise classifications of the animal and plant kingdoms, the geological time scale, significant mass extinctions of species, version organisms and their genomes, Nobel prizewinners, and a brand new appendix on evolution.

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37 * ARACHNIDA APPENDAGE. A functional projection from an animal surface; termed paired appendages if bilaterally symmetrical. g. limbs, fins) generally occur in gnathostome vertebrates. Primitively one pair per segment in arthropods (walking legs, mouthparts, antennae) and polychaetes (parapodia). APPENDIX, VERMIFORM. Small diverticulum of human caecum, of many other primates, and of rodents, containing lymphoid tissue. Not a vestigial structure, contrary to common belief. APPETITIVE BEHAVIOUR.

See OSMOREGULATION. ANGSTROM UNIT (A). lnm); 1O-4 microns. Not an SI unit. E _ -1 _"i b * -4 *Al _I b t- - F ,L -- 26 ANIMALIA : - I-” 4 ANIMALIA. Animals. Kingdom containing those eukaryotes combining a lack of cell wall material with heterotrophic nutrition (although endosymbiotic photosynthetic *cells may occur in some tissues). Commonly divided into subkingdoms PROTOZOA, PARAZOA and. METAZOA. Classifications recognizing Kingdom Protista or Kingdom Protoctista would exclude protozoans from the Kingdom‘Animalia.

Term sometimes referring to the entire vertebrate visceral nervous system, but more often restricted to the efferent- (motor) part of it (the visceral motor system), supplying smooth muscles and glands. Neither anatomically nor physiologically AUTOSTYLIC 47 JAW SUSPENSION autonomous from&e central nervous system. Sometimes termed the’ ‘involuntary’1 nervous system; but here again its effects (in humans) can largely be- brought under conscious control with training. For convenience the ANS can be subdivided into two components: the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems Parasympathetic nerve fibres are CHOLINERGIC and in mammals are found as motor components of CRANIAL NERVES III, VII, IX and X, as well as of three spinal nerves in sacral segments 2-4.

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