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By Neil Roughley

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Kant claimed that the critical themes of philosophy all converge on one query: was once ist der Mensch? beginning with the most declare that conceptions of the human play an important structuring position in thought development, the participants during this volume(renowned students from a variety of disciplines - philosophy, anthropology, psychology, literary reports) examine the jobs that conceptions of the human play either in philosophy and in different human and social sciences.

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Anthropology", as a subdiscipline of philosophy, is an outgrowth of German Humanism. The term ά ν θ ρ ω π ο λ ο γ ί α is not classical Greek. It was coined by one Magnus H u n d t in 1501. It was a Greek rendering of "Humanism" and at the same time a counterpart to "theology". It was given its classical definition by another German Humanist, Otto Casmann, in 1594: "Anthropology is the doctrine of human nature. H u m a n nature is an essence partaking of two worlds, the spiritual and the corporeal, yet united in one vehicle".

Human "world-openness" readily combines with the demands of the various environments man has proved able to live in. Man has thereby transformed himself from a biologically determined to a socio-culturally co-determined being. "Art is man's nature", as Edmund Burke Anthropological Universality 35 put it. Eugen Fischer has expressed the same thought in biological terms: man is the domesticated form of an animal of which no wild form survives (Gehlen 1988, 106). The cultural universals are, so to say, "index fossils" of this transformation.

29). transition between nature and culture; and thirdly that this precultural Comments on Justin Stagl's Paper 39 or transitional status explains the impossibility of integrative theory. H o w can the first and second claims appear together? I would guess in the following way: if, with Aristotle, we conceive "nature" as that realm of phenomena which exists independently of any intervention on the part of human beings (Phys. ) and culture is seen as what is constructed by human beings, then the claim that cultural universals are in some sense natural would be the claim that there are certain forms of construction of the human environment about which human beings in general have no choice.

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