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By Witness Lee & Watchman Nee

The valuable element of the Christian existence is to grasp Christ himself. For this we have to touch and event him in a dwelling method day-to-day. This adventure comprises a few easy parts together with right religious nutrition normal religious worship and deep non secular development. 3 simple parts for a fit Christian lifestyles are provided: spending time with the Lord contacting him in an easy method and growing to be deeply in him. those messages will convey looking Christians into the wealthy nourishment in God's observe into second through second touch with Christ and into the deep hidden adventure of God

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But we would never use the word eat! Jeremiah ate the word of God. This means he received the Word into him, assimilated it, and made it a part of himself. ” This is a kind of enjoyment. The Word, after being eaten, became a joy and also a rejoicing. Joy is experienced within, and rejoicing is expressed without. God’s Word is an enjoyment; after being taken into us and assimilated into our very being, it becomes joy within us and rejoicing without. There are also a number of other verses which reveal this same thought to us.

Hezekiah could not overcome the temptation to display everything. He had just been wonderfully healed of his sickness and no doubt felt self-important and thought there were few people in the world who had had such a remarkable experience as he. After all, how many had been given such a marvelous sign at the time of their healing as the shadow on the dial of Ahaz going back ten degrees (Isa. 38:8, KJV)? In his elation Hezekiah displayed all his treasures. This means that he had not passed through the dealing of the cross.

The chairman then asked all who prayed fifteen minutes daily to hold up their hand. Half the hands went up. When he asked who prayed five minutes daily, the remainder of the hands were raised. Is not this the situation among us today? ” The most prevailing need among Christians today is to spend a certain amount of time every day reading and praying in the presence of the Lord. In the physical realm we need to spend time daily to obtain physical nourishment by eating physical food. How much more time we need to spend to obtain spiritual nourishment by eating the spiritual food.

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