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Magazine is withdrawn. Beechblock shown in full rear position. This rifle was used in Germany, Abyssinia and in the Far East in limited quantities. 92-mm German. , --that it was set aside by them pany alone supplied almost 90,000 as being too complicated and dif- G 41's and nearly 130,000 Kar 43's). ficult to manufacture. So, since the ZH 29 was neither The Ger- mans did not rec ogni ze the "im- more manufacturable nor in produc- perative necessity" of making a tion, it was out. service rifle as co~plicated and The ZH 29 is particular ly as hard as possible to manufacture, interesting for several reasons.

States that he has seen magazines of even sreater capacity. For all their 1ngenuity, however, the Czech designers were unsuccessful in having this rifle widely used. The trend in arms design was running against beautifully made--and this rifle is a - be1autiful piece of machinery and of the gunmaker's art--weapons, arms whose design involvs extensive and slow machining. The drift was toward arms employing a maximum of pressed metal parts, and there were only three of these in the ZH 29: the magazine, magazine floor plate, and the buttplate.

FIGURE 6: works. How the "bol t ·-catch" the trigger and the bolt slams shut. otate upward, lifting the eliminated several parts from the tail of the sear. gun. front arm of the sear When xhe hammer is held by This rocks the ~orward and the front sear hook, the trigger down, which pulls the ·hammer down. e then releases 1t. a semi-circular cut in the bottom moves forward, a nub on the rear of the bolt (shaded), holding it end of the feed rib pushes the to the rear. hammer down until it's caught by Therefore, when you have fired the last shot, the magazin~ follower rises and block~ the ~d As the bolt the sear dog (corresponds to the rear sear hook).

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