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Regardless of the various critiques at the measure of authority that are supposed to take delivery of to the books of the Apocrypha, so much Christians agree that those books are necessary. simply because those books have been written within the intertestamental interval, they supply beneficial perception into Jewish heritage, ideals, and spiritual practices instantly sooner than the beginning of Jesus. those who learn them might be larger capable of comprehend the political, cultural, moral, and non secular context of the contemporaries of Jesus.
This reasonable paperback variation of the King James model Apocrypha makes those books to be had in an easy-to-read structure.

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93 Let us make an oath to the Lord, that we will put away all our wives, which we have taken of the heathen, with their children, 94 Like as thou hast decreed, and as many as do obey the law of the Lord. 95 Arise and put in execution: for to thee doth this matter appertain, and we will be with thee: do valiantly. 96 So Esdras arose, and took an oath of the chief of the priests and Levites of all Israel to do after these things; and so they sware. CHAPTER 9 Then Esdras rising from the court of the temple went to the chamber of Joanan the son of Eliasib, 2 And remained there, and did eat no meat nor drink water, mourning for the great iniquities of the multitude.

41 Nabuchodonosor also took of the holy vessels of the Lord, and carried them away, and set them in his own temple at Babylon. 42 But those things that are recorded of him, and of his uncleanness and impiety, are written in the chronicles of the kings. 43 And Joacim his son reigned in his stead: he was made king being eighteen years old; 44 And reigned but three months and ten days in Jerusalem; and did evil before the Lord. 45 So after a year Nabuchodonosor sent and caused him to be brought into Babylon with the holy vessels of the Lord; 46 And made Zedechias king of Judea and Jerusalem, when he was one and twenty years old; and he reigned eleven years: 47 And he did evil also in the sight of the Lord, and cared not for the words that were spoken unto him by the prophet Jeremy from the mouth of the Lord.

37 The king of Egypt also made king Joacim his brother king of Judea and Jerusalem. 38 And he bound Joacim and the nobles: but Zaraces his brother he apprehended, and brought him out of Egypt. 39 Five and twenty years old was Joacim when he was made king in the land of Judea and Jerusalem; and he did evil before the Lord. 40 Wherefore against him Nabuchodonosor the king of Babylon came up, and bound him with a chain of brass, and carried him into Babylon. 41 Nabuchodonosor also took of the holy vessels of the Lord, and carried them away, and set them in his own temple at Babylon.

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