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By ROSEM, R. M & SLUITER, I. (eds.)

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622). 27 Chantraine 1968–80, 88. See Lloyd 1983, 14 on the ‘physical’ nature of the cuxÆ. 26 ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 35        35 semantic range. 30 The opposite of this surfeit of masculinity is represented by the adjective anênôr, used to describe the threat posed to Odysseus by Circe; Hermes warns that she may make him “weak and not a man” (kakÚn ka‹ énÆnora yÆ˙, Od. 301 and 341). But here too, the threat is not that Odysseus will be less of a man in an ethical sense.

The noun ‘wight’ meaning “a living being in general; a creature;” also “man”. ROSEN/F3/25-58 10/1/02 2:11 PM Page 41        41 These are the sorts of things that everyone will say, so that our fame will not leave us while we live or after we are dead. t¤w gãr potÉ ést«n µ j°nvn ≤mçw fid∆n to›oisdÉ §pa¤noiw oÈx‹ deji≈setai, ‡desye t≈de t∆ kasignÆtv, f¤loi, Õ tÚn patr“on o‰kon §jesvsãthn, Õ to›sin §xyro›w eÔ bebhkÒsin pot¢ cux∞w éfeidÆsante proustÆthn fÒnou. toÊtv file›n xrÆ, t≈de xrØ pãntaw s°bein: t≈dÉ ¶n yÉ •orta›w ¶n te pandÆmƒ pÒlei timçn ëpantaw oÏnekÉ éndre¤aw xre≈n.

To “the weakness of the Argive élite at the beginning of the fifth century,” in Jonathan Hall’s words. Hall 1997, 71–2 is discussing the function of stories in Herodotus and Plutarch about the defeat of the Argives and the resulting domi­ nance of a slave class in Argos. He suggests that the “conflict between two groups at Argos [was] probably still being waged in the middle of the fifth century when Herodotus was gathering information”. e. between the beginning and middle of the fifth century. 46 The OED gives the first meaning of ‘wight’ as “strong and courageous, esp.

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Andreia by ROSEM, R. M & SLUITER, I. (eds.)

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