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By Oscar Wilde

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This version is written in English. although, there's a working Korean glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous variations of a terrific Husband. This version will be priceless in case you woul

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Tainted: 더럽혀진, 썩은. vitally: 치명적으로, 참으로, 극히 중요하게, 생명상, 사활에 관계될 만큼. Oscar Wilde 41 SIR ROBERT CHILTERN. Gertrude, you have no right to use that word. I told you it was a question of rational compromise. % LADY CHILTERN. Robert, that is all very well for other men, for men who treat life simply as a sordid speculation; but not for you, Robert, not for you. You are different. All your life you have stood apart from others. You have never let the world soil you. To the world, as to myself, you have been an ideal always.

MRS. CHEVELEY. Most entertaining! % LADY MARKBY. He has had a very interesting and brilliant career. And he has married a most admirable wife. Lady Chiltern is a woman of the very highest principles, I am glad to say. I am a little too old now, myself, to trouble about setting a good example, but I always admire people who do. And Lady Chiltern has a very ennobling effect on life, though her dinner-parties are rather dull sometimes. But one can't have everything, can one? And now I must go, dear.

Sick: 창백한, 병의, 병자용의, 받고. plain: 명백한, 평이한, 쉬운, 보통의, 욕지기가 나는, 그리워하는, 넌더리 bracelet: 팔찌, 수갑, 팔씌우개. 솔직한, 소박한, 평탄한, 단순한, 나는, 상태가 좋지 않은, 싫증이 나는, handsome: 상당한, 활수한, 단정하게 예쁘지 않은, 무늬없는, 평지. 토하다, 병자의, 싫증이 나서. 잘 생긴, 훌륭한, 멋진. pray: 빌다, 제발, 기원하다, 간원하다, wonder: 이 아닐까 생각하다, 놀라다, mention: 이름을 들다, 진술하다, 기원하여 이루어지게 하다, 기도하다, 놀라움, 이상하게 생각하다, 언급하다, 언급, 이름을 들기, 말하다. 기도하다-바라다, 바라다, 에게 불가사의, 놀라운, 놀라운 사물, ornament: 장식품, 장식, 광채를 기원하다, 에게 간청하다. 경탄할 만한 사람, 경탄할 불가사의한 더하는 사람, 꾸미다, 꾸밈음, request: 수요, 요구, 간청, 요청하다, 사람, 경이, 의심하다.

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