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Volcanic action on the M o o n was once a theory sup­ ported by about 1 % of lunar scientists; now, most believe that over 8 0 % of the topographic features are of volcanic origin. Considering this rapid change in knowledge, one can presuppose that mineral wealth exists on the Moon, and it might prove worthy of development. The old saying "It would be cheaper to go to the M o o n " no longer has a wild or even radical air about it. Resources for lunar use, if not for exportation to Earth, have become a probability.

SMITH exploration and scientific research expanded in scope and complexity. It would be incorrect to say that advance planning is a sole responsibility of the Office of Antarctic Programs, just as it would be incorrect to say that NASA has sole responsibility for its future plans and p r o g r a m decisions. Several advisory groups have responsibility for framing the structure of broad plans and programs of the future in each agency. It is of interest to examine briefly how this planning is accomplished.

Additionally, it must be recognized that the capability for orbiting the M o o n constitutes a n additional increment of delivery capability n o t available to the Antarctic explorer. If the destination is known with certainty, the need for long surface traverses t o move men and cargo is not required. Proposed lunar surface and flying vehicles are tabulated in Table X [18]. N o t e that the surface vehicles a r e wheeled, rather than tracked, a n d that the flying vehicles are powered by rockets rather than by internal combustion or turbine engines.

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