Advances in Ecological Research, Vol. 26 by M. Begon, A.H. Fitter (Eds.) PDF

By M. Begon, A.H. Fitter (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 012013926X

ISBN-13: 9780120139262

This quantity includes papers highlighting the varied pursuits of recent ecologists. All parts of ecology are coated: from the present issues over adjustments in CO2 degrees and its impacts at the Earth's crops to the original Cichlid fish populations in Lake Tanganika, whose constitution is necessary for different organismal populations, together with people. different theoretical and utilized ecological experiences also are mentioned, making this quantity crucial for all ecologists.

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5A) Enclosure (Fig. 00 1 H H H H H H Table 2-cont. 14 H H F, Micrometeorological, forests (Fig. 9A) Micrometeorological, crops (Fig. 9B) 654 All data sets (Fig. 023 Description n All data sets (Fig. 2. 90 Forests Grasslands Crops ~~ R a ~ a R ? 00 1-58 L ~ Data sets are grouped by the variable described in column 1. Statistics were applied on full data sets (&‘mean”)or on the 10% upper boundary values (“envelope”). n is number of data points. ). (L), and photosynthetic capacity (F,), defined as F a t maximum Q (1800 pmol m-’s-l for instantaneous data sets, 80 mol m-’ d-’ for daily data sets).

In: Crop structure and Light Microclimate. Characterisation and Applications. (Ed. by C. Varlet-Grancher, R. Bonhomme and H. Sinoquet), pp. 229-252. INRA. Paris. B. (1968). Evaporation of water from plants and soil. In: Water Deficits and Plant Growth Vol I . Development, Control and Measurement. (Ed. T. Kozlowski), pp. 74-106. Academic Press, New York and London. D. R. (1949). 2. Photosynthesis under field conditions. In: Photosynthesis in Plants. (Ed. by J. E. Loomis). A monograph of the American Society of Plant Physiologists, The Iowa State College Press, Ames, Iowa.

Academic Press, London, New York, San Francisco. W. C. (1994). Testing a mechanistic model of forest-canopy mass and energy exchange using eddy correlation: carbon dioxide and ozone uptake by a mixed oak-maple stand. Aust. J. Plant Physiol. 21, 623-651. E. B. (1986). Carbon dioxide, water vapor and sensible heat exchanges of a grain sorghum canopy. Bound-Lay. Meteorol. 34, 3 17-33 1. B. J. (1984). Eddy correlation measurements of C 0 2 , latent heat, and sensible heat fluxes over a crop surface.

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