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It did possess advantages over the Mauser, however, being shorter, with a faster-operating cranked bolt-handle, finer trigger action and ten-round magazine. In standard form it was reasonably accurate out to 600yds (550m) with issue ball ammunition. A swift decision was needed, so the SMLE was selected for sniper conversion. An early attempt at producing a British sniping rifle, using a French APx Mlle 1915 scope mounted to an Mk III Lee-Enfield. The beautiful quality of workmanship hints at one of the best London gunmakers, Purdey, Churchill or similar.

4 (T) rifle proved to be an unexpectedly good sniping weapon, particularly at longer ranges. 32 scope and its mount were a heavy combination, they were extremely hardy and were used on the post-war L42 rifle. 4 Mk I rifle was adopted in November 1939. Apart from an aperture rear sight, exposed muzzle and protected foresight, it was in most other respects similar to the Mk III, even having the same five-groove, 1:10 left-hand twist rifling of the SMLE. 4 Mk I was adopted, trials began to produce a sniper variant.

A suitable rifle had to be found for the task, and the only logical solution was the M1903 Springfield, for it was available in large numbers and was reasonably accurate. Like all of its predecessors, though, it was conceived as a battle not a sniper rifle. Besides, no suitable telescopic sights existed and some method had to be found of converting the M1903s that was effective, practical and inexpensive. 5x power Weaver 330-C, (soon renamed the M73B-1), which was available in quantity. It was mated to a commercial Redfield Junior bar mount that comprised a strong rail that ran above the breech, being solidly mounted on two blocks, one on the knox-form, the other on the rear receiver.

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