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1 Zinc chloro-iodide reagent. Dissolve 20 g of zinc chloride in 10 mL of water. 1 g of iodine dissolved in 5 mL of water. Add a leaf of iodine. 2 Acid phloroglucinol reagent. Dissolve 2 g of phloroglucinol in 100 mL of water. Use with equal volume of concentrated hydrochloric acid. 4 Refractive Index Immersion Liquids. 1 Hexadecane (cetane) C. P. 434. 633. Poisonous. Avoid inhaling vapors. 3 Blends of the above. Assume that the refractive index varies linearly by volume of ingredients. 4). 5 Fiber Solvents.

For this reason it is desirable to have available at least one representative fiber sample from each generic class of fibers, which can be used for comparative identification. 5 This test method provides means for identifying the generic classification of the common fiber types. In special cases, as when dealing with fibers not described in this method or attempting to distinguish between products of different suppliers of the same generic types, one must consult standard texts on fiber identification or technical bulletins issued by suppliers of man-made fibers.

I. I. 73801). Each resultant higher numbered standard is twice as colorfast as the preceding numbered standard. 5). 2 Black Thermometers are used to control an artificial weathering device and to provide an estimate of the maximum temperature of samples exposed to a radiant energy source. There are two types of Black Thermometers. One type is referred to as a “Black Panel Thermometer” which is uninsulated and is made of metal. The other type is referred to as a “Black Standard Thermometer” which is insulated and is made of metal with a plastic backing.

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