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By Kennedy R.J.

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Unlike with a normal x86 install of Fedora, the kernel is not supplied from the standard upstream repos but from the foundation’s GitHub site. Speaking of GitHub, that’s where our next tool will come from, so make sure your Raspberry Pi has an Internet connection. Updating the Firmware and Operating System A nice community member has created a script called rpi-update. This script will download the latest firmware, kernel, and applications for the Raspberry Pi. com/Hexxeh/rpi-update Follow the instructions on the web page to download the script.

1. sh. Add the following into the file and close it: pathmunge /opt/vc/bin afterSave 2. Next you need to update the LD_PATH for all users. conf and add /opt/vc/lib into the file. 3. Once you have done this, log out and log back in. You should now be able to run the following command as a test to ensure it’s all working (this should give you a reading in degrees Celsius of the VideoCore’s temperature): # vcgencmd measure_temp 4.

15 CHAPTER 1 N HARDWARE OVERVIEW Summary This brings us to the end of talking about all the aspects of the Raspberry Pi’s hardware. We started our journey with looking at every input and output and there are a lot of them: you won’t run out of ideas and projects anytime soon. I then talked about the heart and brains of the Raspberry Pi and how amazing it is that you get such a sheer amount of processing power for such a small and cheap device. I then guided you though the features and configuration options for the VideoCore GPU, which prompted me to then talk about the boot order since it’s directly tied to the GPU of all things.

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