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By Abdul-Elah M.S., Al-Dhahir M.W.

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Their metabolism comes to a screeching halt, and they may fill their bellies only once every third day or so when a good midge hatch occurs. This no doubt is the most challenging time of the year to consistently fool trout. The volume of the water—measured in cubic feet per second (cfs)—being released from the reservoir determines whether the river will remain ice-free. Generally speaking, if there is at least 100 cfs, the average tailwater will remain icefree for several miles below the dam. Freezing-up is not even 26 F LY F I S H I N G TA I L WAT E R S Tailwater angling can be surprisingly productive on tailwaters that generate power.

On a cool and crisp winter morning. The sun had not peeked over the canyon’s lip yet, so it was a bit on the chilly side. The releases from Cheesman Dam were characteristic of the winter months—50 to 70 cfs—and the fish were stacked in their traditional winter lies. We were fishing the Rock Garden, a beautiful stretch of pocketwater interspersed and highlighted with boulders of all sizes. Overall fishing was good that morning—our group was hooking and landing fish in the middle of the winter on one of the most technically challenging rivers in the West.

Otherwise, rainbows average between 14 and 18 inches in most Western tailwaters, with a few fish that surpass the 20-inch mark. If there is an abundant supply of larger food organisms like sculpins, crayfish, aquatic worms, crane flies, and scuds, the brown trout can get large, too (exceeding 24 inches). On average, brown trout range between 13 and 16 inches in most tailwaters throughout the West. On occasion, you’ll catch a cutthroat or brook trout, which adds some spice to the day. In certain drainages, including the Blue, Taylor, Williams Fork, Yampa, and Frying Pan Rivers, they’ll migrate from neighboring tributaries and feeder creeks.

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8 3 in PG (2, q) by Abdul-Elah M.S., Al-Dhahir M.W.

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