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The predefined type CHARACTER is a character type whose values are the 256 characters of the ISO 8859-1: 1997 [B4]2 character set. Each of the 191 graphic characters of this character set is denoted by the corresponding character literal. The declarations of the predefined types CHARACTER, BIT, BOOLEAN, SEVERITY_LEVEL, FILE_OPEN_KIND, and FILE_OPEN_STATUS appear in package STANDARD in Clause 14. NOTES 1—The first 17 nongraphic elements of the predefined type CHARACTER (from NUL through DEL) are the ASCII abbreviations for the nonprinting characters in the ASCII set (except for those noted in Clause 14).

There is a position number corresponding to each value of a physical type. The position number of the value corresponding to a unit name is the number of primary units represented by that unit name. The position number of the value corresponding to a physical literal with an abstract literal part is the largest integer that is not greater than the product of the value of the abstract literal and the position number of the accompanying unit name. 2). It is an error if the execution of such an operation cannot deliver the correct result (that is, if the value corresponding to the mathematical result is not a value of the physical type).

All rights reserved. 1-1999 For a discrete range used in a constrained array definition and defined by a range, an implicit conversion to the predefined type INTEGER is assumed if each bound is either a numeric literal or an attribute, and if the type of both bounds (prior to the implicit conversion) is the type universal_integer. Otherwise, both bounds must be of the same discrete type, other than universal_integer; this type must be determined independently of the context, but using the fact that the type must be discrete and that both bounds must have the same type.

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